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New Baffle Manager 2.0 Delivers Rapidly Deployable and Highly Automated Enterprise Data Security Platform

Baffle Manager

New User Interface, Automation and Integrations Protect Data in Applications, Analytics and AI Workflows in Less than 30 Minutes, and Simplify Ongoing Enterprise Management

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Baffle, Inc. today released Baffle Manager 2.0, which delivers a new user interface (UI) and other features that highly automate enterprise-wide data protection for applications, analytics and AI.

Legacy application-level encryption is difficult and time-consuming to implement. With no code or application changes, Baffle cryptographically protects the data as it’s created, used and shared. Baffle Manager 2.0’s new UI, APIs, automation and expanded integrations deliver a single platform to create and manage data-centric protection policies that can be reused and enforced across all cloud-native stores, legacy and third-party applications and new AI initiatives.

Users can deploy Baffle in less than 30 minutes. As the volume of data, pipelines and applications increase, Baffle automatically scales — without taxing the data, security or compliance teams with additional operational management. Baffle Manager 2.0 also includes a secrets store, certificates store and Single Sign-on (SSO) authentication to simplify deployment and enterprise integration. And virtually every action can be fully automated with Baffle Manager 2.0’s integrations.

“No company can implement or manage critical data protection on an application-by-application basis, especially with the explosion of a new generation of data-intensive AI application workflows,” said Ameesh Divatia, CEO of Baffle. “Baffle is known for being the easiest way to protect data without application or code changes. Baffle Manager 2.0 makes enterprise-wide scaling and ongoing management even more automated with a single, redesigned UI that streamlines every aspect of data-centric protection across the ever-changing application landscape.”

Baffle Manager API
Baffle Manager enables automation through a REST API for configuration, management and monitoring of the Baffle Data Protection service. This includes key management, role-based access control, service configuration and policies for encryption, tokenization and masking. With the API, customers can use data security posture management tools to identify data that should be protected and create encryption policies to protect the data and role-based access control policies to ensure that only authorized users can obtain the data.

Multi-Region and Multi-Tenant Support
Baffle Manager 2.0 adds expanded multi-tenant support for SaaS applications. It delivers record-level and database-level encryption, providing tenants keys for records stored in their own databases or an entire virtual database. Multi-region support for AWS provides greater resiliency and faster recovery times from a regional AWS service failure.

Learn more about Baffle Manager 2.0.

About Baffle

Baffle is the easiest way to protect sensitive data. We are the only security platform that cryptographically protects the data itself as it’s created, used, and shared across cloud-native data stores. Baffle’s no-code solution masks, tokenizes, and encrypts data with no application changes or impact to the user experience. With Baffle, enterprises easily meet compliance controls and security mandates, and reduce the effort and cost of protecting sensitive information to eliminate the impact of data breaches. Investors include Celesta Venture Capital, National Grid Partners, Lytical Ventures, Nepenthe Capital, True Ventures, Greenspring Associates, Clearvision Ventures, Engineering Capital, Triphammer Venture, ServiceNow Ventures, Thomvest Ventures, and Industry Ventures.

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