Baffle Snowflake Demo

Watch this 5 minute video to see how Baffle secures the data pipeline end-to-end to de-identify data on the fly and re-identify data for authorized users in Snowflake.

Additional Resources

De-identifying Data in Snowflake and Amazon Redshift

Learn how you can establish a fully de-identified cloud data lake and use adaptive security controls to secure the data while allowing analytics to run on protected data sets for authorized users.

De-identifying Data into Snowflake

Baffle’s integration with Snowflake is the only solution that de-identifies data end-to-end in the data pipeline.  One of the things that makes the solution unique is our ability to de-identify data on-the-fly as it moves to cloud.

Data De-Identification

Data de-identification is the process used to prevent a person’s identity or private information in a database, from being revealed. Processes include masking personal identifiers or replacing real information with temporary data.

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