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Enterprises are utilizing the cloud for data analytics more and more every day to take advantage of the storage scalability and cloud agility.  While this provides many business benefits and enhances the ability derive intelligence from data, it often requires migration and staging of data and can expose sensitive information in the process if not managed appropriately. Privacy regulations require organizations to maintain control of their PII and sensitive data at all times.

Baffle’s Data Protection Services (DPS) solution secures data during all phases of the modern data pipeline.  The solution de-identifies data on-the-fly as it is migrated to a staging environment and protects sensitive and personal data at field-level granularity to protect it at-rest in the cloud.  For analytics and data cloud applications, DPS utilizes the Snowflake native external function capability to only allow authorized users to view protected data records via policy-based application access.  At all times, encryption keys are kept separate from the Snowflake platform to ensure the data owner has control of their own keys.

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Some key benefits of using Baffle's Data Protection Services:

  • BYOK / HYOK capability for control of sensitive data in the cloud
  • Reporting and operations on protected and customer data is preserved
  • Policy-based, field-level control to allow for views based on personas
  • Transparent integration with Snowflake using the built-in external tokenization support feature

Baffle Data Protection Services

Baffle Data Protection Services for Snowflake is a purpose-built software solution designed to simplify end-to-end security of modern big data pipelines. The functionality of DPS allows you to deploy a transparent data security mesh that de-identifies data migrated to cloud storage or staging environments, while also supporting data masking and data optimization, authentication, and access control for Snowflake data.

As an SAAS cloud provider, Baffle DPS for Snowflake enterprise edition supports operations on AES 256-bit encrypted data in cloud services, so that business users can remain secure at all times. One of the things that makes the Baffle solution unique is our ability to de-identify data on-the-fly as it moves to cloud. Most IT teams trying to tackle this problem attempt to create clones and transform the data, or migrate the data in the clear and then try to figure out how de-identify large amounts of data after it’s already transferred to the cloud.

At a simplistic level, Baffle DPS for Snowflake supports these pipeline data flows:

  • De-identification of data on-the-fly.
  • Support for any existing data schema without any changes
  • Multi-channel data ingestion flows including database migrations, S/FTP, Kafka, and ETL
  • Role-based access control (RBAC) for re-identification of data in

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Simplifying Security with Data De-identification

Many users utilize Snowflake's key workloads to work with sensitive data. Snowflake’s applications allow users to simplify the development of data-intensive applications and to analyze the results. Snowflake's data exchange simplifies the sharing process on live data across your system. When working with Snowflake workloads and data, it’s important to secure all important information, especially during data sharing.

Businesses of all sizes using cloud-based data warehousing can benefit from Snowflake’s powerful applications. Snowflake serves a wide range of industries such as financial services, healthcare, education, and government. These industries have strict compliance guidelines they must adhere to - such as HIPAA, CCPA, and GDPR regulations. When sharing data within Snowflake, it must be protected according to compliance requirements.

Baffle's DPS allows enterprises to maintain control of their sensitive data in the Snowflake environment by enabling de-identification without any data schema or application changes. Utilizing the ability of Snowflake to call external functions, Baffle uses Format-Preserving Encryption (FPE) to tokenize sensitive data with encryption keys that are never present in the Snowflake environment.

Baffle Snowflake Integration

Data Protection Service Experts

Baffle protects data in the cloud. The Baffle Data Protection Service protects information as it is ingested into the cloud, and as it is consumed by digital applications. Baffle delivers cloud-native, no-code de-identification of private data with zero changes to applications, allowing you to have extremely secure data. This lets companies confidently race to the cloud and responsibly harness more data, faster, and for better data analytics - while still safeguarding valuable private information.

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