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Rise of SaaS as Integral Part of Enterprise IT

The shift to cloud-based software delivery has revolutionized how enterprises use software. Instead of investing in costly infrastructure and hiring a team of application administrators, enterprises can now turn to software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers to offer the same functionality through the web without the headaches of deployment and administration.  For most enterprises, the cost benefit of using SaaS is clear, but many are still hesitant to switch due to the potential security and compliance risks. In fact, in a survey of CIOs, security and compliance represented the top 2 of 3 barriers for adopting cloud services.

Key Security Concerns when Adopting SaaS

In a climate of increasing data privacy and governance regulations, enterprises want more security assurances from SaaS providers before they are willing to use software services that handle sensitive data. They want to understand how their data is protected, who can access that data, and what happens in the event of a data breach. Ultimately, enterprises want to retain control of their data assets.

SaaS providers want to deliver a highly available multi-tenant service offering via a continuous development and deployment model.  SaaS providers want to improve their service to compete and delight their customers.  They don’t want to respond to endless audit requests from large enterprise customers, nor do they want to burn developer headcount on building out an entire security service.

Simplified BYOK for SaaS

What if there was an easier way to deliver a solution to the above scenario?  What if you could satisfy enterprise customers with stringent security requirements without having to modify your applications, hundreds of microservices or dedicate databases to that customer?

Baffle provides an off-the-shelf Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) and record level encryption solution for SaaS providers that segments data in a multi-tenant database by data owner.  This satisfies the compliance requirements of the customer, gives them ownership of their key, gives them a right of data revocation, and frees up the SaaS provider to do what they do best — build a world-class application and service.

Baffle’s key virtualization layer integrates with HSMs, cloud key managers, and secrets managers to easily source customer-owned keys.  This key integration can be integrated into cloud architectures with no redesigns or application code changes.

With Baffle Advanced Data Protection, you can avoid being forced into trade-offs around product development and features versus building out core platform security capabilities.  With Baffle, you can simplify your BYOK and encryption implementation


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“Customers are demanding support for Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) to enable ownership of their encryption key material and have control over their data with revocation rights. Workiva is building AWS KMS key management into the core of our platform, where customers can bring in encryption key material and manage it, and then use those keys in conjunction with Baffle. The joint solution requires no large-scale architectural overhauls or application changes, or dedicated databases per tenant. As a result, development time is instead being spent adding even higher value add enhancements instead of modifying the architecture and application, and Baffle allows us to execute on that vision.”

Security Architect, Workiva

How Baffle Helps


Drive regulatory compliance faster using Baffle’s “no code” solution. Baffle uses industry standard AES encryption to protect data at the field and record level ensuring that HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA and HITRUST requirements can be met.


Implementing encryption can be costly and difficult, but your customers require it and the objections slow down your sales cycle. Baffle is implemented via a no code data abstraction layer that simplifies application-level encryption to deliver strong security that will help you sail through security reviews.


Baffle’s patented secure multiparty compute (SMPC) implementation supports operations on encrypted data included search, sort, range queries and mathematical operations enabling security to implement encryption without breaking business processes.

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