Postgres has quickly become a de facto standard as the “go to” database of choice. As the leader in cloud infrastructure, AWS RDS provides one of the best database as a service for Postgres.

Baffle’s application-level encryption (ALE) uses an innovative and secure architecture that makes it easy to add ALE to any new or existing application using Postgres. Baffle’s ALE is transparent to both app developers and database administrators.

In this webinar, join AWS and Baffle to learn how to easily build data-secure applications leveraging Postgres on AWS RDS / Aurora and “no code” application-level encryption through Baffe.

Watch this webinar as we discuss the:

  • Reasons to pick Postgres as your database in the cloud
  • Using AWS RDS / Aurora for your Postres service to build your application
  • Implementing transparent ALE with Baffle to secure your data

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