Securing Data “IN” the Cloud

Harold Byun, VP of Product, Baffle
Apr 25 2019 | 37 mins


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As the wave of cloud migration continues, many organizations still face open questions about responsibility and governance of their data or their customer’s data. The shared responsibility model outlines that the responsibility for security is shared, but clearly calls out that customers are responsible for security of what is put “IN” the cloud.

Attend this webinar to learn about how you can simplify protection and security of data IN cloud to accelerate your “lift and shift” and still ensure compliance. This session will provide a live review of the AWS database migration service and integration with AWS key management services.

Join this webinar and learn about the following:

  • Common gaps in implementing the shared responsibility model
  • Simplifying encryption for applications and data migrating to AWS
  • Leveraging cloud key management services
  • Securing cloud-native architectures, microservices and serverless


Secure Cloud Migrations

Learn more about Baffle's encryption solution for databases that integrate seamlessly into the cloud migration process before the data leaves the enterprise.

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