GDPR has numerous requirements for data privacy. Data “controllers” and “processors” (who are holding data for “controllers”) need to be able to move their data to the cloud while maintaining GDPR compliance.

The secret to successfully migrating this data to the cloud is BYOK and KMS. Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) provides companies with the capability they need to ensure they can isolate their data from other organizations as well as from cloud and database administrators. Key Management Services (KMS) complements BYOK with the capabilities to create and control keys used to protect data, making everything easy.

In this webinar, join AWS and Baffle to learn how to make your secure cloud migration a compliance success with BYOK and KMS. This session will cover:

  • Controlling access to your data at the row or logical database level
  • Centrally managing and defining policies for keys
  • Securely moving your data to the cloud in a compliant manner


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