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Data Residency Compliance using Baffle and BYOK

Baffle provides strong encryption and data key management, while also allowing our customers and their tenants to “bring your own key” (BYOK) or “hold your…

US and EU Flags

The Updated EU-US Data Privacy Framework: Enhancing Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy

The new Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework will bring about an unprecedented change in how data privacy is regulated and safeguarded. In this post we discuss its significance and how Baffle Data Protection addresses its key aspects.

Data Encryption Checklist for Enterprises

Enterprise considerations for implementing data encryption

Organizations are accelerating plans for data encryption, driven by increased security, privacy, and cloud workload protection requirements. However, there are a few different approaches to…

Encrypted keys

A Technical Overview of HYOK and RLE with Baffle DPS

As adoption of Hold Your Own Key (HYOK) and Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) continues to increase, we’ve encountered more questions around how our Baffle…

are gdpr and other privacy regulations enough

Are GDPR and Other Privacy Regulations Enough?

Two years ago, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was introduced and hailed as the most significant change in data privacy regulation in two decades….