Baffle Awarded Patent for Untrusted Computation Enabling the Holy Grail of Encryption

September 12, 2018

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Baffle, an advanced data protection company, today announced the United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded the company a patent for its innovative and unique approach to processing data on untrusted computers. The patent is titled “Systems and Processes for Executing Private Programs on Untrusted Computers.” The patent, U.S. 10,110,566, is titled “Systems and Processes for Executing Private Programs on Untrusted Computers” and comes into force on October 23, 2018. The announcement comes on the heels of releasing the first-to-market solution for enabling the holy grail of encryption – secure mathematical computation and wildcard search on AES encrypted data in use and in memory with any application, whether it’s custom, hosted or software-as-a-service (SaaS).

“Enterprises are increasingly adopting the ‘lift and shift’ cloud migration model, and there has never been a better time to ensure that their data is secure from attackers and malicious insiders,” said Ameesh Divatia, cofounder and CEO of Baffle. “Legacy encryption vendors cannot provide peace of mind to enterprises as they move their data and workflows to untrusted environments. This patent is further proof that Baffle is the only company that provides data-centric encryption that never exposes information, does not require application changes and does not break applications.”

“The technology we’ve developed preserves data privacy while simultaneously opening the door for aggregate data analytics and data management models that were previously not thought possible,” said Priyadarshan “PD” Kolte, co-founder and CTO of Baffle. “This validates the innovative approach we’ve taken to deliver a real world solution that enables organizations to adopt secure computation today vs. waiting for computer processing speeds to catch up to the needs of the business and the data analytics world.”

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Learn about the fact, fiction and hype of homomorphic encryption on Baffle’s webinar:

As more companies move their data and workflows to cloud computing and extend their data processing to third parties, security of the data has become a continuous battle. While the agility of the cloud and extension of the information supply chain can provide advantages for businesses, the processing of data on multiple computers exposes a larger attack surface and introduces data privacy risks that may potentially compromise confidential information. Baffle provides enterprises with a method and system to process data on an untrusted computer, or a plurality of computers, such that the executing program and data are kept safe from attackers in memory, in process and at-rest.

How it Works

Baffle’s invention utilizes Secure Multiparty Compute (SMPC) to link trusted systems to untrusted systems by dividing computational requests on encrypted data into a series of operations that allow for a computed result of the request. In short, the method enables mathematical computation on encrypted data across distributed systems in a performant and scalable manner.

About Baffle

Baffle, the application data protection company, prevents data breaches by securing the end-to-end data access model for applications and databases. Using this method, the technology protects against some of the most recent high-profile attacks and vulnerabilities – including Spectre and Meltdown. With its patented technology, Baffle is the only company that can enable encryption of data at rest, in use, in memory and in the search index without impacting the application using AES encryption. Baffle is also the first company to enable secure data processing on a commercial application and database to guarantee data protection. Baffle has raised $10.5 million of financing; its investors include True Ventures, Envision Ventures, ServiceNow Ventures [NYSE: NOW], Thomvest Ventures, Engineering Capital, and Industry Ventures.


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