Baffle Selected for Microsoft Accelerator Program

September 25, 2017

SANTA CLARA, CA–(Marketwired – September 25, 2017) – Baffle, Inc., developer of the world’s first solution for end-to-end database encryption, is proud to announce that the company has been selected for the Microsoft Accelerator Program. This program is designed to enable compelling, world-class technology solutions to be deployed with direct engagement with Microsoft resources and personnel.

Baffle’s inclusion in this Accelerator program is the latest recognition of its uniquely innovative approach to preventing data breaches: Baffle makes data breaches irrelevant by keeping data encrypted from production through processing, unlike other solutions which only encrypt data at-rest and in-flight. Baffle’s solution keeps data encrypted while it is being processed by databases and applications. At the core of this encryption solution is Baffle’s groundbreaking patent-pending technology that enables arbitrary computation on encrypted data.

“The Microsoft Accelerator is designed to foster the success of innovative, enterprise-ready companies by providing unparrelled access to potential customers, powerful business connections, and technical knowledge. We are pleased to welcome Baffle to our latest batch,” said Raghav Kher, Managing Director, Microsoft Accelerator Seattle.

Being selected for the Microsoft Accelerator Program is the start of a new level of cooperation between Baffle and Microsoft in validating, productizing and deploying of Baffle’s solution. Baffle leaders expect that working with the Microsoft Accelerator Program will help to create the emergence of truly secure analytics platforms on public and private clouds. Microsoft’s announcement is a resounding validation of a major data security risk that exists in all enterprise database environments — the potential to compromise sensitive data while it is “in use.”

The topic of data encryption has taken on added importance in the public conversation, as the world has witnessed a startling explosion of data breaches at organizations such as Equifax, Verizon/Nice Systems, and others, where increasingly sensitive personal data is being compromised with wide-ranging consequences. Baffle’s solution offers the possibility of a data protection system designed to assume that such data breaches will happen, yet, would be able to guarantee that the stolen data would be useless to hackers because it was encrypted, even on any untrusted systems while being accessed or analyzed. Baffle’s solution can enable foolproof data-centric protection as soon as records are created, and ensures preservation of that protection even when that data is processed. This ability to have existing applications and commercial databases process encrypted data without application code modifications is unique and has never been demonstrated before.

“We are delighted to be selected to Microsoft’s Accelerator Program. We look forward to integrating our solution with the extensive innovation available in the Microsoft Azure™ eco-system utilizing its ability to migrate workloads to the cloud in a secure and efficient manner and enabling an analytics platform with an unprecedented level of security to protect against data breaches,” said Ameesh Divatia, Co-Founder and CEO at Baffle, Inc.

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