Anonymized Threat Intel Sharing

This video shows a demonstration of how multiple parties can anonymously share information with each other for purposes such as threat intelligence sharing.  Download the white paper here.

Additional Resources

Using SMPC for Threat Intel Sharing

As privacy continues to rise in importance as a critical mandate for how businesses operate, cryptographic techniques such as homomorphic encryption and secure multi-party compute (SMPC) have received a lot more recognition.

SMPC and Threat Intelligence Sharing

This white paper reviews the SMPC architecture that facilitates secure sharing of data across multiple parties. It provides a walk-through of a threat intelligence sharing use case that can support multiple organizations submitting secure threat intel without exposing it fully to the other participating parties.

Secure Data Sharing

Baffle’s Secure Data Sharing platform allows companies to securely share data across multiple disparate organizations without letting other participating organizations to see anyone else’s sensitive data.

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