Data-Centric File Protection

Protect sensitive data INSIDE files and objects

Businesses today are seeking to quickly derive intelligence from their data while leveraging cloud infrastructure. This creates a distributed data environment with multiple stakeholders accessing sensitive information. It also creates potential data exposure points and introduces challenges in securing the information and complying with data privacy regulations.

Baffle Advanced Data Protection enables data-centric protection of sensitive information inside unstructured files or object source data. The same field level encryption and tokenization capabilities that Baffle provides for structured data can be applied to data inside files and object storage to ensure data privacy. Data-Centric File Protection (DFP) simplifies protection of data and compliance as part of the business intelligence data pipeline.

Baffle Data-Centric File Protection
DFP allows organizations to protect data on-the-fly as it moves from a source data store to file or object storage. The solution protects sensitive data inside the files so it remains protected as it is consumed by downstream analytics solutions or third parties.

DFP integrates with Baffle’s Key Virtualization Layer to leverage existing enterprise key management stores, cloud key stores, HSMs, or secrets managers. This allows customers to use their own keys as data is protected during a migration process to cloud storage environments such as AWS S3. DFP also supports data tokenization.

Baffle DFP also integrates with AWS Database Migration Services (DMS) and Azure Database Migration Service to support heterogeneous source data stores. These end-to-end protection capabilities secure information as part of the data pipelining process from source data stores to cloud storage as data gets staged for data warehousing and analytics processes.

Our Solution

Baffle delivers an enterprise level transparent data security mesh that secures data at the field or file level via a "no code" model.  The solution supports tokenization, format preserving encryption (FPE), database and file AES-256 encryption, privacy preserving analytics and access control. As a transparent solution, cloud native services are easily supported with almost no performance or functionality impact.

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No application code modification

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AES encryption in memory, in use,
and at-rest

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