Data Pipeline and S3 Object Encryption

See how Baffle secures the data pipeline by protecting data inside semi-structured files as CSVs, JSON, and Parquet to ensure data privacy for business intelligence, AI/ML, and data warehousing.

Additional Resources

De-Idenify and Secure Your Data Analytics Pipeline

Learn how you can establish an S3 cloud data lake fully de-identified and use AWS Athena to easily access and run analytics on data sets for authorized users.

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Baffle also supports headless deployments via Docker images.  If you’d prefer to deploy via a Docker image and get up and running quickly.  Please email [email protected].

Baffle Data-Centric File Protection

Baffle Data-Centric File Protection allows organizations to protect data on-the-fly as it moves from a source data store to file or object storage. The solution protects sensitive data inside the files so it remains protected as it is consumed by downstream analytics solutions or third parties.

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