Secure Cloud Migrations to DB PaaS

Baffle integrates seamlessly into the cloud database migration services to encrypt data going from on-premise to database platform-as-a-service. This video shows integration with AWS DMS.

Additional Resources

Cloud Data Risk: How to Better Protect Your Data in the Cloud

The session will cover key tenets of modern data privacy regulations within the context of security controls that are currently available and can be operationalized to improve your company’s security posture.

Secure Cloud Migrations

Baffle’s solution allows existing applications such as business intelligence and analytics applications to access and process the AES encrypted data without decrypting it, effectively mitigating the risk of data exposure in the clear at any time in the cloud environment

Cloud Data Protection Platform

Baffle’s solution simplifies protection of your data in the cloud without requiring any application code modification or embedded SDKs.  The technology integrates seamlessly with cloud native services and vastly simplifies tokenization and encryption to enable a data-centric security model.

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