Adaptive data security controls to reduce the risk of data breaches

By Harold Byun, VP Products | December 18, 2020

2020 is the year that just keeps on giving.  We’ve written a fair amount about how to assess the threat model for your data and reduce the risk of data breaches using various data protection strategies.

In the wake of one the largest cyberattacks in the U.S. and against the U.S., it’s worth further revisiting. Here are some useful links for more information on the latest SolarWinds Sunburst attacks.

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SolarWinds: Solarwinds Security Advisory
Microsoft: Analyzing Solorigate, the compromised DLL file that started a sophisticated cyberattack

Part of the fundamental challenge of securing your data is ensuring that you have implemented the appropriate security controls to counter the risk of attackers reaching your data.  A main thesis in Baffle’s approach is that it is inevitable that an attacker will compromise your network and get at your data.

The SolarWinds Sunburst attacks are a prime example of how even some of the most security conscious organizations can and will be compromised. In fact the entire Zero Trust security model is predicated on the fact that networks need to utilize adaptive measures to better control such access.

At Baffle, we believe the modern data access channel is a network.  And as such, it needs to be secured via the same adaptive security principles that one would apply to a network or IAM control.  In other words, if you believe that attackers are already or will eventually get in your network, then you should also logically agree that they will move on your data either laterally or through an application stack.

In this scenario, adaptive data security controls can help.  Here is a listing of a range of data protection services and controls that Baffle offers today and below is a video of adaptive RBAC security controls in action.

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