Baffle Certified as an AWS Database Ready Partner

By Harold Byun, VP Products | September 4, 2019

At Baffle, we’ve continued to focus on protecting data wherever it lives. We have a “no code” simplified approach to encryption that is protecting in excess of 13 billion data records in production at the field or record level. Our customers are happy to offload the work of complicated encryption implementations to an off-the-shelf solution that supports cloud native environments.

Today, we announced our certification for the AWS Database Ready Program which is another milestone in our journey to support cloud native environments. It demonstrates our growing partnership with AWS and builds upon the multiple service integration points we have with our Cloud Data Protection Platform (CDPP).

Our ability to support both field and record level encryption for AWS RDS, integration with AWS KMS, Cloud HSM, AWS Secrets Manager, and AWS Database Migration Services provides enterprises with a comprehensive point-and-shoot to cloud capability that both accelerates and secures the cloud journey.

Very proud of this team.