Baffle provides a comprehensive Cloud Data Protection Platform (CDPP) to help protect your data in the cloud.  Within the context of the Shared Responsibility Model, the cloud provider is responsible for protecting the infrastructure that runs all of the services offered by the provider.  The customer is responsible for protecting the data that they put in the cloud provider’s environment.

Baffle’s solution integrates seamlessly with cloud native infrastructure services and vastly simplifies encryption to enable a data-centric security model.  CDPP builds upon the foundation of encrypting data at-rest, which most security practitioners mistakenly believe is adequate to protect their data. Read more here on at-rest encryption and TDE do absolutely nothing to protect your data against a modern day hack.

The data-centric approach combines access monitoring and field-level encryption with data exfiltration control to provide you with an end-to-end security channel to protect against large-scale data breaches.

Baffle’s unique Record Level Encryption (RLE) protects data in multi-tenant SaaS environments and provides granular entitlements to data in co-mingled data stores.


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How Does Baffle Help

Baffle vastly simplifies data-centric encryption to protect data in the cloud. Baffle's technology requires no code changes, deploys with a highly flexible architecture, and supports a range of cloud native services including:

Seamless support for cloud services

Ensures compliance with privacy regulations

Baffle supports data masking and data shredding in addition to its Record Level Encryption capabilities.  This enables enterprises and SaaS providers to encrypt their data in the cloud without any application code changes to easily drive compliance.  Data shredding supports the “right to be forgotten” for GDPR compliance and data masking keeps data hidden from unauthorized parties.

Protect data from insider threat

Baffle’s Advanced Data Protection turns the database tier into an AES encrypted brick with no key present. This prevents privileged users from accessing sensitive data records while still allowing them to perform operational tasks.

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