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Why RBAC for Data Reigns Supreme in the Age of Cloud Threats

Not too long ago, we viewed file-level or disk-level encryption for databases as “secure”. However, traditional security measures like at-rest data encryption have shown significant…

Baffle Helps Develop IBM’s Groundbreaking Data Security Broker

Baffle powers IBM to deliver data-centric protection with Cloud Security and Compliance Center Data Security Broker

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Baffle’s Proxy Architecture

Baffle implements database encryption and role-based access control using a reverse proxy configuration that operates at the SQL session layer. This blog will explore what that means and compare it to competing API and agent-based architectures.

Baffle Manager

Launch of Baffle Manager v2

Baffle is constantly striving to be the easiest way to protect sensitive data.  We do this with a data-centric approach that protects data as it…

Data Encryption Checklist for Enterprises

Enterprise considerations for implementing data encryption

Organizations are accelerating plans for data encryption, driven by increased security, privacy, and cloud workload protection requirements. However, there are a few different approaches to…

Multi-Tenant Data Security for Databases with Record-Level Encryption

Multi-tenant databases are commonly used by SaaS vendors for the sake of cost-efficiency.  Having a separate database instance for each of their customers, while ensuring…

Apple Lets Consumers BYOK; Is Your Cloud Provider Following Suit?

Consumers are used to having their messages encrypted end-to-end so that only those with whom they are communicating can see their messages. But, what about…

Baffle x IBM Cloud

How to De-Identify Your Data in IBM Cloud with Baffle Data Protection Services

IBM Cloud offers an extensive portfolio of cloud-native databases that IBM provides as secure, production ready, and fully managed database technologies, to enable developers to…

Ameesh Divatia talks with CyberNews about the most efficient ways enterprises can protect sensitive data in the cloud

Large-scale businesses, healthcare sectors, and government institutions are often primary targets of cyberattacks due to the extensive amounts of sensitive data they possess.  Hackers turn…