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Baffle™ Hires VP of Products and Marketing; Company Continues to Expand Market Momentum and Awareness in 2018

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018 (7am PT)

SANTA CLARA, CA – Baffle, Inc., an advanced data protection company, today announced that it has hired Harold Byun as Vice President of Products and Marketing. In this role, Byun will help define and execute product strategy and lead the effort to raise market awareness of Baffle’s data breach protection solution.


Byun brings more than 20 years of security experience to Baffle. His career includes roles in high growth security markets, including security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR), cloud access security brokers (CASB), and data loss prevention (DLP). Prior to this role, Byun ran product management for ServiceNow, Inc.’s (NYSE: NOW) security business unit and helped launch their entry into the SOAR security sector, and was also VP of Product Management at Skyhigh Networks, a CASB recently acquired by McAfee. During his time with Symantec’s (Nasdaq: SYMC) DLP group, he focused on sensitive data access monitoring and containment for the market-leading DLP product.  


“What excites me most about this opportunity is that Baffle is revolutionizing application and data security to protect against data breaches we read about every day, ” said Harold Byun, vice president of products and marketing at Baffle. “This company is on a mission to simplify data protection and its technology is geared to protect an organization’s highest value data assets while addressing modern day cyberattacks. I look forward to delivering Baffle’s advanced data protection to the market and addressing a challenge that every company is having.”

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Without any application changes, Baffle’s frictionless, data-centric approach protects data at rest, in memory, and while in use. Baffle’s advanced data protection never exposes sensitive information and secures the entire application and data access model against common data theft methods. Baffle was recently selected for the Microsoft Accelerator Program, and was named one of CRN’s Emerging Technology Vendors. The company plans to expand its headcount by 100% in 2018.


“Harold’s vast experience of innovation and execution in the security market is a huge asset and I’m delighted to welcome him to Baffle ,” said Ameesh Divatia, CEO and cofounder of Baffle. “The challenge with security is that the legacy approaches to protecting data actually break applications, which means that most companies would rather run exposed, and that opens them up to data breaches. Only Baffle can securely process sensitive information without breaking applications, which makes us inherently easier to deploy. I’m excited to work with Harold to continue to drive Baffle’s innovative solution to protect against data breaches.”


Baffle will be exhibiting at RSA at North Expo Booth #3238. At the show, the company will be hosting two events (RSVP required):


About Baffle

Baffle™, the application data protection company, prevents data breaches by securing the end-to-end data access model for applications and databases. Using this method, the technology protects against some of the most recent high profile attacks and vulnerabilities – including Spectre and Meltdown. With its patent-pending technology, Baffle is the only company that can enable encryption of data at-rest, in use, in memory and in the search index without impacting the application using AES encryption. Baffle is also the first company to enable secure data processing on a commercial application and database to guarantee data protection. Baffle has raised $10.5 million of financing; its investors include True Ventures, Envision Ventures, ServiceNow Ventures, Thomvest Ventures, Engineering Capital, and Industry Ventures.


Media Contact for Baffle:

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