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Real Queryable Encryption

Does Real Queryable Encryption mean there is a Fake Queryable Encryption?

TLDR There is no “fake” queryable encryption, but a certain NoSQL database provider has coined the term “Queryable Encryption”, and Baffle has something to say…

A Case Study for Protecting Files with Sensitive Data in the Cloud

Financial institutions and healthcare providers deal with a vast amount of sensitive data like PII and PHI data, from Social Security numbers (SSN) to credit…

RBAC tickets

Why RBAC for Data Reigns Supreme in the Age of Cloud Threats

Not too long ago, we viewed file-level or disk-level encryption for databases as “secure”. However, traditional security measures like at-rest data encryption have shown significant…


Data Residency Compliance using Baffle and BYOK

Baffle provides strong encryption and data key management, while also allowing our customers and their tenants to “bring your own key” (BYOK) or “hold your…

Data sprawl: why application access controls as a security strategy doesn’t work

As enterprises maintain more and more data, there is a greater need to ensure that sensitive data is protected. Privacy regulations are increasing which is…

Data Security in MySQL is an evolving compliance and threat landscape

MySQL remains one of the most popular relational databases today. It offers a variety of data security features that can help with compliance, but only…

Baffle Helps Develop IBM’s Groundbreaking Data Security Broker

Baffle powers IBM to deliver data-centric protection with Cloud Security and Compliance Center Data Security Broker

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Privacy Enhanced Computation Technologies Advantages and Disadvantages

Privacy enhanced computation technologies allow data teams to perform operations on encrypted data. In this blog post, we discussed various technologies.

Data Tokenization and Masking with Baffle in Amazon Redshift

Security and compliance for sensitive data in your cloud data pipeline and warehouse while running data analysis.