Overcoming the Push and Pull Between Business and Security

This morning, an article I wrote for Dark Reading called “Is Security Accelerating Your Business?” was published. Here is the link to the full article….

meltdown spectre

Securing data against Meltdown and Spectre with Multi-Party Compute (MPC)

The New Year has brought to light a significant vulnerability in processor architectures. In the desire to improve performance, memory isolation, which is one of…


Here comes GDPR, are you ready?

Today is May 25, 2017 – we are exactly one year away from the implementation of the most stringent privacy regulation ever enacted – the…


Why Is Homomorphic Encryption Not Ready For Primetime?

First a short lesson in history: In 1978, just a year after the RSA public-key scheme was developed, Rivest et al. published “On Data Banks…